LABOSOL- AGTS is a Senegalese law company created in Dakar in 1994. It is a private organization whose mission is to develop businesses related to Technology in Geotechnical Engineering (measurements and tests) and the use of building materials for the building, civil engineering, and industry.

LABOSOL- AGTS works primarily for state Technical Services (ministries responsible for infrastructure construction), private companies, design offices, private developers and individuals. The company enjoys a good reputation and is seen as a reference laboratory for construction materials and soils in Senegal, in West and Central Africa.

LABOSOL-AGTS brings professional expertise in key areas of the following construction:

  • Transport infrastructure: roads, railways, ports and airports
  • Construction and housing: buildings, industries, public and private buildings
  • Equipment territory: supply and water supply, sanitation, urban development, civil engineering works

The current activities of LABOSOL-AGTS focus on:

  • Geotechnical studies relating to transport infrastructure projects. (Soil analysis, plots recognition, auscultation of pavements)
  • The technical and geotechnical monitoring of public works
  • The research and analysis of building materials (concrete, steel, bitumen)
  • Mechanical studies of soils and engineering structure foundations; buildings and industrial buildings

To contribute to the development of the competitiveness of public and private companies in Africa, LABOSOL- AGTS conducts consulting engagements to develop human potential and optimizing organizations. LABOSOL- AGTS provides in its facilities in Dakar and Saint Louis, tools and means to achieve the main identification tests and characterization of building materials used in construction (road pavements, excavation materials, concrete and black products ).